Product Liability Insurance

You may sometimes be skeptical if you are a manufacturer supplying products in that your product may cause damage to others, both property and life. A small defect may cause large claims, and in this case, the Product Liability Insurance provided by Solidarity Takaful is very important to the product manufacturers. The policy not only protects your enterprise from claims, but also covers the legal expenses associated with defending against those claims filed against your business.

Insurance Coverage

Solidarity Saudi Takaful Co. is liable for all amounts that the policyholder is required to pay (including the legal expenses incurred by the policyholder for the defense in court) and compensation for legal liability to any third party arising out of bodily or physical injury caused by the product sold, supplied, distributed, transported, repaired, or provided any service related to the product by the policyholder.

Theft Insurance

Asset creation takes years of hard work and one theft can complicate things financially. However, Theft Insurance of Solidarity Takaful guarantees you the preservation of your property and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Compensation and Basic Benefits

Your insurance at Solidarity Takaful provides you with the following coverage:

  • Loss or damage to property listed in the policy table as a result of a theft or attempted theft by force through breaking in or out of the sites and using violence.
  • Damage caused by theft following the actual break-in by force and use of violence or threat of break-in by force and use of violence to the site or sites claimed by the policyholder.

Employee’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance

In the rapidly evolving global environment, employee rights are rapidly advancing. To protect enterprises from the threat of costly prosecutions and huge damages, Solidarity Takaful insurance entity saves you this trouble through its Employee’s Compensation Insurance.

Insurance Coverage

Solidarity Saudi Takaful Co. pays compensation to the policyholder for all amounts legally requested by any employee during the period of the insurance coverage if such employee is exposed to any illness or bodily injury due to his work with the policyholder.

Compensation and Basic Benefits

  • Solidarity Takaful provides comprehensive insurance coverage for all legal requirements for employers at the best prices.
  • Solidarity Takaful bears all costs and expenses incurred with prior written consent.
  • Compensation for death, total and partial disability, and temporary and permanent disability of employees while in workplace.
  • Optional coverage of treatment expenses and repatriation of mortal remains expenses in case of death.

Professional Liability Insurance

Your insurance against Professional Liability at Solidarity Takaful provides you with insurance coverage whether you are an accountant or a travel agent since is important to ensure that you have financial protection in case someone wants to sue you for the services you provided and Professional Liability Insurance of Solidarity Takaful guarantees this to you. The concept of the profession has expanded in recent years and employees are therefore keen to maintain a professional liability insurance. Also, any professional person providing services is considered by their clients to be an expert and then they are liable to file claims against this person.

Insurance Coverage

Solidarity Takaful pays compensation for any claim filed first against any breach of the duty of any profession as a result of negligence, error, inattention, or omission committed or alleged by the policyholder or any person at that time working for the policyholder as well as costs and expenses incurred with a prior consent by the policyholder in defense against or settlement of any claim.

Group Travel Insurance

Whether you are going on a long vacation or on a short business trip, traveling abroad is considered entertaining and useful. It requires responsibility and efforts to travel safely. Solidarity Saudi Takaful Co. designed a Travel Insurance that provides you with a safe and carefree travel plan in cases such as travel documents-passport loss, luggage delay or loss or even a sudden illness in worst case scenario. By ensuring your trip with Solidarity Takaful’s insurance, you insure yourself and your family a pleasant and riskless trip.

Insurance coverage

  • Personal Accidents
  • Luggage Loss
  • Personal documents and financials
  • Treatment and emergency expenses
  • Personal liability

Fidelity Insurance

As a contractual obligation, fraud and dishonesty incidents make up a big part of the business industry. An as a business owner, you can not always prevent them, but you want to make the most of your insurance to avoid such incidents. Solidarity Saudi Takaful’s Fidelity Insurance provides you with a policy shield insurance in the face of dishonesty and fraud.

Insurance coverage

Solidarity Saudi Takaful’s Fidelity insures the client to different financial crises caused by loss of money or loss of goods due to theft, fraud or dishonesty committed by any of the client’s employees in order to generate illegal financial interests while still on the job.

Plate Glass Insurance

Although plate glass used for storefronts, showrooms, offices’ window displays and other usage are extremely expensive, yet it is subject to breaking and smashing due to different causes. Solidarity Saudi Takaful’s provides you with the needed insurance coverage to support the insured client on-site plate glass incidents of all types- except what is not included in the policy.

Insurance coverage

Solidarity Saudi Takaful’s ensures compensation to the insured client from any loss or damage caused by a solid plate glass breaking by any external means excluding specific exceptions.

Money Insurance

Money is the base of every business. For running your business, you may need to transfer funds in cash, cheques, drafts etc. or maintain a cash balance on your premises. All such transactions are exposed to the risk of loss or misuse. Protect your money with the comprehensive cover offered by Solidarity Saudi Takaful’s Money Insurance policy.

Insurance coverage

In the case where an insured client loses his own money or money he is legally responsible of during an accident, misfortune, robbery, theft, threat attempt:

-Work premises and its facilities
  • Out of a safe
  • A secured safe with specific features
- In Transit
  • Payroll/Salaries
  • Other money types in transit

- Loss or damage to a safe or a secured room due to robbery or robbery attempt

Main benefits & compensation:

Full coverage with best price deals insured to all money risks including cash and money transactions

Personal accident Insurance

Staff accidents are considered draining and exhausting to the employer. Solidarity Saudi Takaful designed an insurance policy for individual accidents to support you in such cases to provide your staff and their families a financial insurance. The policy also provides a compensational insurance in case of death of the employee or any accident anywhere in the world.

Insurance coverage

The coverage includes:
  • Deaths within twelve-month accidents.
  • Permanent Partial Occupational disablement
  • Permanent Total Occupational disablement
  • Temporary Total Occupational disablement
  • Medical expenses

General Liability Insurance

Employers are always looking to develop their business towards growth and profitability. However, as long as life continues, accidents are inevitable. We are prone to accidents; a customer may slip onto a damp floor in the workplace, which will lead to hospitalization. Exposure to third-party risks and responsibilities under the law may result in business interruption. Solidarity Takaful has launched General Liability Insurance to relieve you of this burden, guarantee you peace of mind, and provide you and your business with the best protection against legal liabilities.

Insurance coverage

The Solidarity Takaful indemnifies the policyholder for the liability for which they are legally liable for compensation in respect of the following:

  • Accidental bodily injury to third party in an accident
  • Accidental loss or damage to third-party property

Compensation and basic benefits

Solidarity Takaful pays all costs and expenses incurred by the defendant or costs and expenses incurred with the Company's approval in respect of any claim.
Solidarity Takaful is liable for accidents caused by the negligence or inattention by the policyholder or their employees during the exercise of work.